Inner Temple Wellness Market

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The 5 W’s

What is Inner Temple Wellness Market?

Inner Temple Wellness Market is a smaller, specialized market centered around health and wellness. Each month we feature local healers, massage therapist, chiropractors, acupuncturist and more! Along with dedicated product vendors that make + sell handmade bath and body, candles, holistic goods and even CBD products!

When is the NEXT Inner Temple Wellness Market?

Inner Temple Wellness Market returns to EVE Encinitas, Every 4th Wednesday 3pm - 7pm

Where is Inner Temple Wellness Market held?

EVE Encinitas

575 S. Coast Hwy 101 Encinitas, CA 92024

Who Sells At Inner Temple Wellness Market?


Our markets feature independent designers, artists, & emerging brands that sell high-quality, well-designed products in a range of categories including jewelry, clothing, home décor, art, apothecary, mens goods, stationery, kids items, pottery, food & more.

We believe in showcasing diversity, innovation & entrepreneurship, as well as encouraging creativity & community participation. Whether you are just starting off making jewelry on your dining room table or you have a handful of employees & a factory that produces your products, we’re passionate about featuring quality goods & the people & stories behind them.

It must be the actual business owner/designer/maker of the products or brand that sells at our markets. We are passionate about connecting your individual stories & products to buyers, shoppers, & the media. We DO NOT allow third-party shops, agencies, networking marketing companies or online stores/collectives to sell at the markets.     


We also invite health practitioners and healers in the community to attend and be a part of our healing community temple. If you are a mobile acupuncturist, chiropractor, nutritionist, massage therapist, tarot reader, channeler - please email us for more information!

Why participate at Inner Temple Wellness Market?

We believe in helping entrepreneurs reach new audiences, increase sales, & connect with a network of creative business owners. The Pop-Up provides the rare opportunity to interact with & meet potential customers (plus fans/online customers you already have) in real life - something that is extremely valuable in the age of online shopping. You will reach new customers, your brand will be exposed to hundreds of shoppers/buyers/members of the media/influencers, you can grow your email subscribers & social media followers, & you’ll gain priceless knowledge & feedback by speaking to people one-on-one about the products & your story.

Our goal is to create a marketplace that is fun & inspiring for both the sellers & customers.

We find that when we take the time to really connect our vendors with our customers, they become more invested in discovering items not found at the mall, & more importantly, supporting the small business owners behind those products - we hear time & time again that there is a noticeable difference at Inner Temple Wellness Market - because the shoppers genuinely want to hear about the products/company & talk with the vendors.

What Do Accepted Vendors Get?

6 ft space (table size) if you are a product vendor

A larger space if you are a healer/energy worker and seeing clients.

Your business will also be listed & linked on our website.

What Is Expected From Accepted Vendors?

  • Attend mandatory vendor meeting(s)

  • Invite Minimum 500+ people through our Facebook event page

  • Pick up Posters and Postcards to distribute throughout the city (remember the better attended this event the more potential customers you have in front of you!

  • Invite, invite, promote, promote and share! We will provide you with copy, graphics and hashtags to use in your weekly postings.

  • Vendors who do not participate in the vendor meeting, or the marketing of the event will be removed as a vendor and their booth fee refunded.

Application & Payment Information

How much does it cost to participate?

Cost to participate varies on market and event -

EVE Encinitas - $35 per event

How do I apply & submit payment?

  • Fill out our online vendor application (click the link below!)

  • Pay the full vendor fee that will be collected via secure online credit card payment at the end of the application.

  • If you are not accepted into the show, we will refund you for the full amount. Refunds will be processed the week of vendor accepted announcements.

CANCELLATION Policy & Refunds

If I need to cancel, do I get a refund?

If you need to cancel you must notify us via email, at To receive a FULL refund you must email us no later than 2 week before the start date. Any cancellations after this date will not get a refund due to the close proximity of the event date – you will forfeit your spot and your booth fee can be directed to a future event.

Jurying & Selection Process

How do you choose the vendors?

To ensure the products found at the markets are diverse, match the aesthetic of the show, & meet shoppers’ expectations, our applications are juried. There is more demand than we have room for, so please understand that we cannot accept everyone – we often get more than double the applications for the spots available.

We look for small businesses & items that are:

  • Modern

  • Fresh & innovative

  • High quality products

  • Ethically sourced products, if you do not make them yourself

  • Priced accordingly (you can sell earrings at $10 or $500, but we must feel that your items are priced accordingly for the materials used, the genre of goods you’re in, etc.)

  • Consistent, high-quality branding across all platforms - from website to social media to hangtags & business cards

Essentially, we want our vendors to be successful & have a great event, so we look for products that we think our customers would appreciate & purchase. We also choose businesses that are at the scale to be able to sell at a market our size; in other words, people & brands that have sold at markets before, keep consistent social media feeds, update their websites regularly, understand pricing & strategy (wholesale, retail, online). Rest assured that we review & consider every single application, & the submitted website, social media feeds, lookbooks, samples, etc..

Is it okay if I make products outside of the US?

Yes. Our goal is to support independently-owned, small businesses & designers. We showcase goods that are either made by the company in-house or are designed by the company with production outsourced. An important part of our mission is to connect shoppers with the makers & designers so we require that the owner/maker & their staff be at the show to interact with shoppers in person. We do not accept online stores & businesses that curate great products but don’t actually design & make them themselves.

Other Important Information

Do I need any permits to participate?

Vendors are responsible for securing any applicable business permits or licenses that may be required by the city or state. You may be required to show business liability insurance.

What taxes do I need to collect?

All vendors are responsible for registering with the IRS, & collecting sales tax. When it’s time to do your taxes, you’ll have to pay income tax on items you sold, plus any applicable state or city taxes. We recommend that you contact your state tax offices as well as the IRS for more info: IRS: 1-800-829-4933 or


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